The memorial site endeavors to "receive back", in a symbolic way, the former fellow students who were forced to leave the school. The memorial consists of two elements: a memorial site on the school grounds and the archives. Located on the school courtyard will be a black and white wall with cracks in it, which bears name plaques of the Viktoria School students forced to leave the school. Four benches are grouped in a circular shape around a ginkgo tree. One bench, which is turned away from the circle, bears the inscription of the memorial. The momument in the school courtyard has the feel of a place of social interaction. It is a place to meet together and communicate, as well as a place which encourages "hands-on" understanding. It brings together two symbols: a circle and a crack. The crack in the wall symbolizes the life journey of the Jewish students, whereas the benches symbolize the "crack" in the school community. Memorial