Info The "Memorial for former Jewish students at the Viktoria School" is a project of the student governing body of the Bettina School in Frankfurt am Main. In 1947, the American occupational forces mandated that the name of the Victoria School be changed to Bettina School. The school is named after Bettina von Armin, a democratic-minded, social-activist writer in the 19th century. After 1908 the Viktoria School became a girls´ high school, where one could receive a high school diploma. During the National Socialist era, Dr. Ludwig Gerber, himself an impassioned National Socialist, was strategically chosen by the National Socialist government to become principal of the Victoria School, since a large percentage of its female students were Jewish. Beginning in 1933, a total of 183 students were forced to leave the school; this memorial is dedicated to their memory. The names of the students, the results of our research, and files and photos are located in our archives and museum.